Facility Switch

The demand for plant-based variations for meat, dairy and fish is exploding. Supply of ingredients and products can hardly keep up, creating a ‘protein gap’. 

Can your facility fill the protein gap? Do the quickscan!

Can your facility or factory create new business opportunities? Is switching the application of existing facilities towards plant-based protein ingredients worth your time and effort? To find this out we offer you a quickscan. Fill out this quickscan and find out if your facilities may also harvest the plant protein potential. If the quickscan has a positive outcome, we can match you up to experts from the Foodvalley NL Protein Shift-ecosystem. For instance knowledge providers or members from The Protein Cluster the Foodvalley NL’s Protein Shift network.

Shared facility finder

Are you curious to see which innovation facilities or research equipment are already available? Or do you have facilities that are, or can be made available for other parties?


Gerben de Vries -  CEO Codrico Rotterdam about Facility Switch

"The Foodvalley NL Facility Switch concept supported us to broaden our food ingredients portfolio with new and more sustainable applications, while using existing technology and infrastructure. Thanks to an integrated approach, supported by experts from the Foodvalley NL ecosystem, we successfully tested and adjusted one of our extrusion lines. Originally designed for breakfast cereal production, we can now apply it to texturize plant proteins for high quality meat replacers."

Jeroen Willemsen – Innovation Lead Protein Shift Foodvalley NL about Facility Switch

"To accelerate the energy transition, existing natural gas infrastructure is adopted for sustainable hydrogen application. We translate this ‘facility switch’ to the food domain to simultaneously create sustainable impact as well as new business opportunities. For example in the Protein Shift domain: I am convinced that existing technology and experience, e.g. from the meat and dairy processing industry, is of great value in the quest for new sustainable protein sources, ingredients and products."


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