Protein Facility Switch

Companies active in the meat, dairy and fish industry are growingly seeking other markets and applications to expand their business. Applying existing infrastructure for non-animal protein ingredients and products is becoming commercially more relevant. Foodvalley NL, together with partner-experts, assists companies in exploring and realising a ‘protein facility switch’.

Join the Protein Facility Switch

Can your facility or factory create new business opportunities? Are you a protein processing facility owner? Or are you looking for a plant protein processing facility? We guide you to move from animal protein to plant protein production using your existing facilities by connecting you to experts and potential users. Connect with us! 

To expand the number of facilities available for plant protein processing, the Protein Facility Switch initiative encourages organisations to take the next step to explore the possibilities of using existing facilities for plant protein applications. Together with knowledgeable partners that can: 

  • Bring (technical/product) expertise to the table,  
  • Support and give advice on using the facility for new plant protein processed applications. As a result, co-development projects can start, if desired.  
  • Match with possible users and start the plant protein journey together to create new business models 

How it works

We share (part of) those journeys to inspire the ecosystem and expand the protein processing possibilities even further, it takes only six steps: 

  1. Intake – plan your intake here 
  2. Advise and support in how your facility fits in the Protein Facility Switch 
  3. Switch your facility to plant protein processing 
  4. Connect with users 
  5. Produce plant protein ingredients/products 
  6. Share your experience 

Shared facility finder

Are you curious to see which innovation facilities or research equipment are already available? Or do you have facilities that are, or can be made available for other parties? Take a look at Shared facility finder!


Why Martijn Bosmans – Bösch Boden Spies is part of the expert team of Protein facility switch: 

"The Protein Facility Switch facilitates food innovation with great collaborations that bring the right experts around the table, which accelerates the whole process."

Why Harold Post – Uticon is part of the expert team of Protein facility switch: 

“The vision of facility switch aligns perfectly with Uticon’s purpose and mission. Therefore, we gladly support this great initiative”.

Jeroen Willemsen – Innovation Lead Protein Shift Foodvalley NL about Protein Facility Switch: 

"To accelerate the energy transition, existing natural gas infrastructure is adopted for sustainable hydrogen application. We translate this ‘facility switch’ to the food domain to simultaneously create sustainable impact as well as new business opportunities. For example in the Protein Shift domain: I am convinced that existing technology and experience, e.g. from the meat and dairy processing industry, is of great value in the quest for new sustainable protein sources, ingredients and products." 

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