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With Shared Facility Finder you have over 350 facilities available at your fingertips to speed up innovation and maximise productivity. Foodvalley NL and Wageningen University and Research are partners in Shared Facility Finder. Together we encourage companies and institutes to use or share facilities.

We help you find the best innovation facility or recommend you potential partners and funding options to help you purchase a new facility.

The benefits

Sharing facilities is a proven method to make innovation facilities available and cost-effective for companies and institutes in the field of healthy food and living environment. Learn more:

Find or share a facility

Over 350 facilities for research, testing, demonstration, scale-up or industrial-scale production available. Explore all the facilities and investment opportunities here:

Funding opportunities

Currently, the following funding options are available:

Need help

  • to find the best facility for your needs?
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  • to explore the funding options and/or find potential partners for a new facility?


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