What Design Can Do (WDCD)

WDCD believes in the power of design and creativity to transform society. To this goal WDCD provides a platform for designers and creatives to meet businesses, industries, NGO’s and governments who aim to start using design innovation. In order to actively promote and accelerate the role of design to achieve its goals WDCD organizes events, challenges and talks and publishes articles and other publications.

Foodvalley NL partner

Foodvalley NL partners with WDCD on the Food Waste Challenge. The solutions and creativity of designers is linked to the challenge to reduce waste of food products both in industry as well as by consumers. Foodvalley NL partners with WDCD in the food waste challenge and provides its expertise as judges in the competition. Foodvalley NL participates in the Amsterdam track as well as in the global track of the No Waste Challenge. The global track brings in unique solutions from all over the world, in line with the international collaboration that is familiar with Foodvalley NL.



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