Wageningen Campus

On Wageningen Campus it is known full well that sharing knowledge is as important as developing knowledge. Wageningen Campus is convinced this is the key to truly innovative solutions to the global problems of our time. That is why Wageningen Campus is designed as a meeting place for researchers, new and established entrepreneurs and students in the field of nutrition and food production, living environment and health. Wageningen Campus consists of two locations: the Wageningen University & Research (WUR) buildings themselves and the Business & Science Park Wageningen (BSPW).

Working, studying and meeting

Wageningen Campus is focused on meeting and contact between knowledge organisations, educational institutions, the business community and startups. With the research institutes of Wageningen University & Research, national and international R&D companies such as FrieslandCampina, Noldus, Yili, Kikkoman and Keygene, research institutes such as NIOO, educational institutes such as Wageningen University and the Aeres University of Applied Sciences and numerous SMEs and startups, the campus offers the perfect climate for innovative solutions. BSPW is meant specifically for companies in life sciences, food and health.

Problems of our time

On Wageningen Campus the academic world, the business sector and the government collaborate on major current social issues: the world food problem, growing pressure on blue and green spaces, the demand for sustainable production, healthy food, the desperately needed replacement for fossil fuels and the impact of climate change. These problems should not be viewed as individual phenomena that are separate from each other, but should rather be viewed as closely interlinked and, as such, can be tackled as a whole on campus.


Wageningen Campus offers a range of facilities and amenities. Companies and organisations are able to set up in a business complex or incubator. They can also utilise Wageningen University & Research’s top-quality research facilities and those of other companies on Wageningen Campus. There is also the Expat Center, numerous meeting places, an attractive event programme, a good selection of cafes and restaurants, a wide range of sports facilities and shops.


The campus is equipped for many forms of education: regular education at Wageningen University and the Aeres University of Applied Sciences, distance learning with occasional teaching on campus and lifelong learning for professionals. The student population has grown by more than 60% in the last five years. These students mingle with academics in their field, companies and organisations with which they can do internships or find careers and there is a thriving startup landscape with a student incubator (StartHub) where they can form their own ideas and find inspiration during their studies by launching a startup.


Wageningen Campus is centrally located in the Netherlands with excellent road connections with Amsterdam, Rotterdam and the Hague (just over an hour from Amsterdam and Schiphol), Utrecht (40 minutes), Arnhem (20 minutes) and Nijmegen (just over half an hour). Besides Schiphol, the campus is also within one hour from the international airports of Eindhoven and Düsseldorf Weeze.

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