Vacancy alert!

Strategic support
to the Foodvalley NL organisation and Managing Director

Are you able to make complex matters simple?
Can you translate larger goals into concrete actions and results?
Are you interested in working on the transition of the food system?
Then we are looking for you!


What does it take to be working on strategy for Foodvalley NL?

You will support the Foodvalley NL organisation on complex matters, adding process, structure and data. All within the complex Foodvalley ecosystem.

You are

  • able to quickly see through complex problems and make matters understandable, both in writing, through visuals and in conversations.
  • able to fathom the context in which you operate and to act and take initiative from there. You understand the big picture and see where we are heading.
  • experienced in connecting a broad stakeholder field with diverse interests. You can deal with a broad range of viewpoints and understand the underlying personal and organizational interests well and come up with creative solutions.
  • experienced and have a good understanding of innovation (processes) and system transitions, as a plus.

Your competencies

You are a positive, enthusiastic person.
You are highly analytical.
You understand and live the essence of complex process management.
You understand the needs of those you work with and are eager to support.
You are a quick worker, keen on delivering quality.
You are part of the team and leave your ego at home.
You are an excellent writer.

You need to be able speak, read and write in both Dutch and English.

Foodvalley NL

You will be an addition to the Foodvalley NL team. A warm, welcoming and energetic team of (25+) professionals working on the transition of the food system. We aim at maximum impact. We value an open, safe and trusted working environment, where we challenge you to learn, experiment and grow, constantly. We feel and live ‘togetherness’. Internally and externally. Only together we can shape the future of food.

Foodvalley NL has its roots in the region, is of national importance and has international ambitions. Since 2004, Foodvalley NL has been developing and strengthening the Foodvalley ecosystem; an international network of organizations and companies that jointly work on the transition to a sustainable food system. Foodvalley NL is the independent organization that guides parties through the transition, on direction, process, content and, by keeping the pace. This in close cooperation with governments – international, national and regional – and renowned educational and research institutions.


Foodvalley NL is looking for an addition to the team for 36 hours per week. Aside from a good salary, we value a good balance work-non work. We invest in personal growth and learning. And, especially in these COVID19 times, we take care of each other and encourage you to take care of yourself. We promote ample exercise, have our meetings over the phone whilst taking a walk or doing stretches, and we value enough headspace. Aside from all this, we do like a joke.

This is a 2 or 3rd job type of function.


Guido Laman, Strategy Foodvalley NL, tel: 0652.801.632


We are looking forward to meeting you!
Send your motivation letter and curriculum vitae before Friday 12 March 5 pm to

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