Wanted: Online Communications Consultant who is passionate about content

36 hours

Will you join us and help us to reposition Foodvalley NL, the independent international platform that aims to innovate and transition the current food production system into a more sustainable one? Are you the content strategist and online media expert who can help spread our meaningful message through our own online media and other channels? Are you a strategic thinker? Are you great at coming up with and implementing crystal-clear plans (or having them implemented)? Then you’re the person we’re looking for!

As our Online Communications Consultant you are the product owner and editor-in-chief of the Foodvalley website and our corporate online media channels. Your main task is to further professionalise these and manage them in concordance with the new brand and the challenging ambitions of our organisation. Your passion for branded content and storytelling will play a major role in refining our content strategy. You will develop guidelines for the Foodvalley media channels and the two communications consultants who are your co-workers, and who counsel the various Foodvalley sections and services. You have a keen eye for knowing the needs of our target audiences. You are a rugged, proactive consultant.

We’re repositioning our organisation and, as part of that, we’re redesigning our Communications department. That means that some processes and strategies are not clear-cut just yet, resulting in a unique opportunity for you to use your professional knowledge and your vast experience to advise on and design an excellent communications strategy.

Aspects of your role and your tasks

  • You manage and develop the website, social media and newsletters. You also help to incorporate the other websites and online media that Foodvalley NL is responsible for, by making sure the external bureaus receive clear instructions. You have technical knowledge of the back end and know exactly what the content on the front end should be like – for which you also have the ultimate responsibility.
  • You keep a close eye on the rapidly changing online possiblities and proactively come up with proposals for (new) online media and other content options that will improve the reach and conversion rate of Foodvalley's online media channels.
  • Together with the communications coordinator, you develop a tone of voice and visual style, keeping the new brand (as it’s finding its feet) in mind. Also, you’re in charge of content management and content planning.
  • You are in charge of the Communications department meetings regarding content. You make sure the content strategy, tone of voice and visual style are adhered to.
  • Together with your colleagues in communications, you investigate how to have partners, trade journals and regular media publish our interesting content, in order to reach a wider audience.
  • You successfully set up small-scale campaigns on social media, both organic (content marketing) and paid campaigns (social advertising).
  • You edit all content on the website, both new and existing, compose newsletters, keep an eye on things, analyse statistics, and provide guidance.
  • Your colleagues in communications publish their own content for the fields they specialise in, and curate content for other media. Your job is to check if that content is up to par.
  • You proactively help to think up ways of producing different forms of content (like videos, podcasts and infographics). You also compose briefs for external parties.
  • You counsel and coach colleagues on how to use social media.
  • You further improve Foodvalley’s image database with regard to the new brand.
  • You advise internal colleagues who host events on communication, write news articles and supervise content production.
  • It is a plus if you have experience in developing and implementing customer journeys, or if you are prepared to learn this skill.

You’ll be working for an organisation that truly values initiative and fresh ideas. Ours is an inspiring environment, filled with passionate and professional people. You can, you may and you are expected to show us what you can do!

We feel the function of Online Communications Consultant is best filled by someone with a positive attitude, who is frank and communicative, who is passionate about content and online media, and who likes to build up something solid and then expand from there.

Your skills/experience

  • A degree in communication or (online) marketing at a higher professional level or university level and at least five years of experience with social and online media in a complex, international environment.
  • You are a strategic thinker, but also a doer.
  • You are experienced in translating a brand strategy into bolstering content strategies and activities for online media.
  • Your command of the Dutch language is excellent and your English is good or very good.
  • You have your own view on developments in the field of online communication, and you can explain this view to others. Before you implement far-reaching reforms, you present a substantiated plan for these reforms.
  • You have demonstrable experience in working with WordPress, Google Analytics, SEO, SEA campaigns, and MailChimp. Social media are an open book to you.
  • You are a very good content strategist, you are creative and can produce excellent online content. You absolutely love storytelling, even though you sometimes ask others to write the story.
  • You are eager, driven, innovative and like to think outside the box.
  • You are also used to giving guidance, have an inside-out way of thinking, and are not easily thrown off course. You’re not afraid to give your professional opinion.
  • You have an analytic mind, study results, and use what you have learned to improve these results.
  • You have experience in publishing content on other media than the media Foodvalley already uses.

Foodvalley NL

You will be an addition to the Foodvalley NL team. A warm, welcoming and energetic team of (25+) professionals working on the transition of the food system. Our core values: Personal, Continuous Development & Growth, Togetherness, Positive, Professional.

We aim for maximum impact. We value an open, safe and trusted working environment, where we challenge you to learn, experiment and grow, constantly. We feel and live ‘togetherness’. Internally and externally. Only together, we can shape the future of food.

Foodvalley NL – Independent platform for innovation and transition of the global food system. Foodvalley has its roots in the region, is of national importance and has international ambitions. Since 2004, Foodvalley NL has been developing and strengthening the Foodvalley platform; an international network of organisations and companies that jointly work on the transition to a sustainable food system. Foodvalley NL is an independent organisation that guides parties through the transition, on direction, process, content, and by keeping the pace, all in close cooperation with governments – international, national and regional – and renowned educational and research institutions.

Culture – Foodvalley NL is looking for an addition to the team for 36 hours per week. Aside from a good salary, we value a good work-life balance. We invest in personal growth and learning.

And, especially in these COVID19 times, we take care of each other and encourage you to take care of yourself. We promote ample exercise, have our meetings over the phone whilst taking a walk or doing stretches, and we value enough headspace. Aside from all this, we do like a joke.


Foodvalley has outsourced the recruitment to USG Marketing & Communications Professionals. Yvonne Matze is responsible for this procedure. For questions or more information, Yvonne can be reached at: yvonne.matze@usgmarcom.nl or by telephone 06-109 404 23.

Acquisition is not appreciated.

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