Wanted: Lead Communications

36 hours

Will you join us and help us to reposition Foodvalley NL, the independent international platform that aims to innovate and transition the current food system into a more sustainable one? Are you the Lead Communications who can highlight Foodvalley’s unique qualities and further enhance and spread our meaningful message? Are you an energetic communications strategist, experienced in branding and in engaging with trade journals and other media? Can you coordinate and build a great communications team? Then you’re the person we’re looking for!

Your task as Lead Communications is to implement the new brand and make sure it’s upheld in the design, the means of communication, new (online) media and, of course, the content strategy, working closely together with two senior communications colleagues. You make sure internal communication is consistent and you provide colleagues with advice, upon request or upon your own initiative. You are the brand strategist in the Foodvalley house.

You will further develop the communications strategy and implement this in the policy and weave it into processes and procedures. This way, your Foodvalley colleagues have a perfect base to spread our noteworthy message from, and thus improve Foodvalley’s positioning.

You’re in charge of work distribution within the team, make sure standards are upheld and everyone works as a team. You are also responsible for the communication, both in an advisory and an executive role, in a number of focus areas.

Our organisation is being repositioned and the team Communications is being reorganised. That means that some processes and strategies are not clear-cut just yet, resulting in a unique opportunity for you to use your professional knowledge and your vast experience to advise on and design an excellent communications strategy.

Aspects of your role and your tasks

  • You keep an eye on the work distribution, the quality, the output, and the deadlines within the communications team. Together, you reach the goals that are set for the brand and the communication.
  • You counsel and coach colleagues on communication and identify any needs for personal or professional growth.
  • You are Foodvalley’s brand strategist. You have a firm grip on the brand strategy and implement this strategy in the communications strategy, goals, plan and the planning. In line with this, you are also in charge of developing Foodvalley’s reputation management. Together with two co-workers you translate the brand and the communications strategy to online media, content strategy and communication advice to the focus areas. You make sure internal communication is consistent, so the message of the brand is woven into the presentation, behaviour and communication of the Foodvalley employees.
  • You adjust the brand and communication strategy, in reaction to the results from market and customer research, or a disappointing outcome of communication efforts, or a modified corporate strategy.
  • You are in charge of implementing and developing the corporate identity for (new) corporate communications and media.
  • You coach colleagues on Communication and provide guidance for communication operations and content to a number of internal focus areas.
  • You ensure that there are clear arrangements with external media producers and see to it the team provide these external producers with unambiguous briefings.
  • You support the Managing Director on a strategic level by giving her advice on internal and external communications and presentations, and providing her with the means of communication she desires. You enable her to tell the Foodvalley story at appropriate spots in the (international) media.
  • You know all about PR. Together with the online communications consultant you know precisely which (international) trade journals, regular media, events and other platforms can be used to help the Foodvalley story reach the target groups.
  • You set up an annual budget for Communications and keep a sharp eye on it so it is kept to.

You’ll be working for an organisation that truly values initiative and fresh ideas. Ours is an inspiring environment, filled with passionate and professional people. You can, you may and you are expected to show us what you can do!

We feel the function of Communications Coordinator is best filled by someone with a positive and open attitude, who is frank and communicative, who is passionate about branding and strategic communication.

What else do you bring to the table?

  • You feel inspired by and feel connected to Foodvalley’s mission and vision. Ours is an innovative environment where collaborations with associated partners are a common occurrence, so implementing and enhancing the communications strategy is a challenging task for you and the communications team.
  • A degree in communication at university level and at least ten years of experience in a similar function in a complex, international environment that has some governmental traits.
  • A profound and constantly deepening knowledge of organisational strategy, and the ability to translate this knowledge into a communications strategy.
  • Demonstrable experience in implementing a brand (not just in the corporate identity alone) and a successful completion of a course or training in branding.
  • A customer focus that you can easily combine with Foodvalley’s supply-driven mission and vision.
  • As a Lead and strategist you are skilful in delegating and prioritising, you keep the team running smoothly, and you lay down and stick to the communication guidelines. You have a coaching leadership style that fits the task as well as the people in the team.
  • You have a preference for the challenging combination of strategic thinking and strategic action.
  • Your command of the Dutch language is excellent and your English is good or very good.
  • You are used to giving guidance (on request and on your own initiative), have an inside-out way of thinking and you like to think outside the box. You are not easily thrown off course.

Foodvalley NL

You will be an addition to the Foodvalley NL team. A warm, welcoming and energetic team of more than 25 professionals working on the transition of the food system. Our core values: Together, Personal, Positive, Learning & Developing and Professional.

We aim for maximum impact. We value an open, safe and trusted working environment, where we challenge you to learn, experiment and grow, constantly.

We feel and live ‘togetherness’. Internally and externally. Only together, we can shape the future of food.

Foodvalley NL is the international and independent platform for ground breaking innovations that enable the transition to a sustainable food system.  Foodvalley has its roots in the region, is of national importance and has international ambitions. Since 2004, Foodvalley NL has been developing and strengthening the ecosystem; an international network of organisations and companies that jointly work on the future of food. Only together we can make our vision come true: healthy, affordable, tasty and sustainable food for 10 billion people in the year 2050, produced while respecting the animal world and our planet.

Foodvalley NL guides organizations and companies – form start-ups, scale-ups and corporates to investors through this transition. We set the agenda, keep the pace and connect these parties with international partners, top notch talent, unique knowledge and facilities, and support access to global markets and funding. Through this the ecosystem scales up innovations more quickly and companies grow and develop swifter. All in close cooperation with all levels of government and renowned educational and research institutions.


Foodvalley NL is looking for an addition to the team for 36 hours per week. Aside from a good salary, we value a good work-life balance. We invest in personal growth and learning. And, especially in these COVID19 times, we take care of each other and encourage you to take care of yourself. We promote ample exercise and creativity. Aside from all this, we love to have fun while we work.


Foodvalley has outsourced the recruitment to USG Marketing & Communications Professionals. Yvonne Matze is responsible for this procedure. For questions or more information, Yvonne can be reached at: yvonne.matze@usgmarcom.nl or by telephone 06-109 404 23.

Acquisition is not appreciated.

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