Innovation Lead Circular Agrifood

36 hours

Do you understand the complexity of transitions and not afraid to face these?

Are you the one that can bring the necessary people around the table, set the agenda and find the solutions that can create real impact?

Do you have a vision and are you eager to translate this into concrete interventions for the benefit of a circular agrifood system?

Are you a tad impatient, entrepreneurial, a go-getter?

Do you have flair and energy to take the stage and  inspire and mobilise others?

Then you’re the person we’re looking for!

Foodvalley NL is the international independent platform for ground breaking innovations that enable the transition to a sustainable food system. We set the agenda, keep the pace and connect companies and organisations with (international) partners, unique knowledge, facilities and provide access to global markets and funding.

Circular Agrifood is one of our three Innovation fields (next to Protein Shift and Food & Health) and focuses on developing a food system that optimally uses and reuses natural resources, raw materials and products, for a circular economy.

As our Innovation Lead Circular Agrifood your main task is to get into the world and build up(on) trusting relationships with people that help you bring about change. From there you find the way through the jungle of (vested) interests, (disruptive) innovations to create impactful interventions that accelerate the transition. You are a true system thinker. Your role is to further develop the agenda on this theme and keep the pace by translating strategic goals into concrete activities on the operational and tactical level.  You are open for new insights, though also keep focus. You align constantly with other players in the transition arena, to assure that each organisation takes their role. You look for synergy.

Aspects of your role and your tasks

  • Realise our ambitions for 2030 in the field of circular agrifood, 75 percent of organic side- and by-streams are used in the food chain for food and feed applications and 50 percent decrease in losses and waste throughout the agrifood supply chain.
  • Initiate necessary activities and projects and align relevant stakeholders. You know what is already taking place in this innovation field, where the system fails and what the business incentives are. You know where to intervene so you can create structural change and let stakeholders take ownership of solutions.
  • Build up and manage a network of people and organisations that can bring about necessary change. Within, and also outside of agrifood, e.g. other sectors, disciplines, organisations.
  • Be the spokeswoman or man of our organisation to our activities related to circular agrifood. This includes being the Foodvalley’s representative at (inter) national events and conferences.
  • Identify new trends and interesting developments in your innovation field and translate these into concrete actions.
  • Update strategy (ambitions and interventions) on the basis of new insights and trends.
  • Work closely with our other innovation leads and innovation support as the synergy sits in the x-roads.

Your skills/experience

  • Conceptually super strong and highly strategic, with the rare quality to be able to continuously switch between the strategic, operational and tactical level. And back.
  • You are a senior, in conversations, in your relations, in your presence. Whether you are youngish or old(er). Age doesn’t matter. Seniority does.
  • You are seen as the expert in your field of expertise and have a broad relevant network.
  • You are experienced in stakeholder engagement and alignment.
  • You are highly environment sensitive, can build trust in your relations and you first seek to understand, then to be understood.
  • You can identify opportunities and inspire and mobilise others to come along.
  • You are able to understand commercial interests and what is needed to create new market opportunities.
  • You know to bring structure in complex situations and are well equipped to convey your message.
  • You are used to giving guidance and focus, have an outside-in way of thinking, and not easily thrown off course.
  • Eager, curious, innovative and capable to explore the unknown. You are not afraid to try something new with an uncertain outcome.
  • Command of the Dutch and English language is excellent.

What we offer:

Being part of an exciting journey...

You will be an addition to the Foodvalley NL team. A warm, welcoming and energetic team of 30 professionals working on the transition of the food system.

In your role you are directly supported by a community manager that can manage daily relations, strategic support (with whom you can spar on the strategic level) and office support. Indirectly, you are supported by our entire team of specialists on global connections, entrepreneurship, shared facilities, talent and ecosystem intelligence (where we identify and analyse new trends and identify interesting stakeholders).

We feel and live ‘togetherness’. Internally and externally. Only together, we can shape the future of food: healthy, affordable, tasty and sustainable food for 10 billion people in the year 2050, produced with respect for animals and our planet.

Our core values: Together, Personal, Positive, Learning & Developing and Professional. We aim at maximum impact. We value an open, safe and trusted working environment, where we challenge you to learn, experiment and grow, constantly. Aside from a good salary, we value a good balance work-non work. We invest in personal growth and learning. And, especially in these COVID19 times, we take care of each other and encourage you to take care of yourself. We promote ample exercise, have our meetings over the phone whilst taking a walk or doing stretches, and we value enough head-space. Aside from all this, we do like a joke.


Guido Laman, Strategy Foodvalley NL tel: +31 6 528 016 32


We are looking forward to meeting you! Send your motivation letter and curriculum vitae before Thursday May 20th, 5 pm to:

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