Taskforce Korte Keten

The Taskforce Korte Keten (TKK) is a foundation that originated from a joining of forces of seven entrepreneurs and experts in the short chain, inspired by years of experience and challenges. The TKK is a unique collaboration that aims to support and strengthen the regional dynamics and momentum of short food chains by sharing knowledge, facilitating development and making the best use of the momentum.

Foodvalley partner

Realisation of the ambitions as expressed in the National Protein Strategy benefits from short(er) chains. For example, aimed at connecting Dutch growers of protein crops with (Dutch) processors, suppliers and consumers. Foodvalley NL therefore initiated the Protein Farmers of the Netherlands together with the TKK, aimed at bringing Dutch vegetable proteins to life, for soil, farmer and citizen.


Jeroen Willemsen

Innovation Lead Protein Shift

+31 6 177 380 37

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