Global FOODture

Global FOODture is a project designed to boost the sustainable transition of the food system worldwide through collaboration and innovation. It developes and implements a joint internationalisation strategy that facilitates access to countries outside Europe for European SMEs. With this approach Global FOODture will help strengthen participants’ capabilities to adapt to food sustainability challenges.

For this project the target region is Asia, particularly the four key markets of Japan, South Korea, Singapore, and Thailand. Asia contains a large proportion of the world’s population, with a potentially high environmental impact. It also has a rapidly developing middle class with the purchasing power to buy sustainable products and services and an increased awareness of environmental issues. In more recent years, Asia has become the largest driver for growth, as an innovation, and an entrepreneurship engine.

Starting in September 2021, the project will prepare the SMEs by masterclasses and matchmaking events to eventually participate in a mission to the target markets. During the mission, the SMEs will have the opportunity for individual, face-to-face meetings as well as site visits to enable a full exchange of information and to cement a business relationship.

In this project, Foodvalley collaborates with 6 European Cluster organisations, Food & Bio Cluster Denmark, FOOD+I, Vitagora, Flanders’FOOD, ITC – Innovation Technology Cluster Murska Sobota and Packaging Cluster, from 5 different countries and collaborates with a lot of international partners located in the target countries. More about Global FOODture.

This project has received funding from the European Union’s COSME - Clusters Go International under grant agreement No 101035890.

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