Supporting entrepreneurs to accelerate business growth

In 2050, we will look back at this period as the defining time in which changes started to snowball. Foodvalley firmly believes that entrepreneurs play a key role in the transition to a sustainable food system worldwide, providing tasty, healthy and affordable food for everyone.

Foodvalley supports entrepreneurs in developing their skills, making the right connections, finding the resources needed to grow faster, and becoming part of an entrepreneurial community.

Finding what you need, when you need it

Every step of an entrepreneur’s journey is a step into the unknown. Having access to valuable resources and unique facilities, communities of peers, coaches and capital is crucial in converting innovative ideas into scaling businesses. Our aim is to help you get access to whatever you need in order to become successful. Whether you are a start-up founder searching for ways to validate your technology or an SME owner who aspires to expand globally, we are here to help you find your way and accelerate your innovations.

Jack Stroeken, Ekomenu (CEO and Founder)

“In 2020 I decided to join some organisations to do some more networking. Of all organisations Foodvalley offered the best programme for us. The best sessions and personal guidance. They really listen to what you want. Ask you for interviews and all kinds of sessions. I am very happy with their approach and also with the link to ScaleUpNation.”



It takes a village to raise a child, and it takes a community to nurture innovation. We strive to build and sustain a global community in which groundbreaking innovations have every opportunity to sprout, scale and succeed, by:

  1. scouting and connecting the most promising businesses and entrepreneurs
  2. facilitating entrepreneurs in their innovation journey by organising world-class support and giving access to inspiring partners, up-to-date information, unique facilities and capital
  3. building an entrepreneurial community that collaborates both locally and internationally to build a sustainable food system to feed the world.

Wim de Laat, Protein Brewery (CEO & Founder)

“Our Foodvalley membership brought us a number of commercial contacts from around the world. Foodvalley and Wageningen are worldwide known for food. So we are recognized through our Foodvalley membership as a world class food innovator. So it brands us and that is great!”


Key activities

We enable entrepreneurs to find the solutions and resources they need in order to excel. Therefore, Foodvalley takes part in and sponsors programmes such as:

StartLife Accelerator

One of the most renowned Food & Agri accelerators in Western Europe. Located in the heart of the Wageningen Campus, StartLife Accelerator is the best programme for early-stage start-ups to validate their technology and business model, acquire connections in the Food & Agri ecosystem and pitch to investors.


Starting a business is one thing, transforming a business from the initial traction into a well-tuned machine that’s able to successfully scale is quite another. Enroll in the ScaleUpFood programme to receive a custom-made analysis of your organisation as well as recommended changes and tools to make the most of your opportunities and assets whilst embarking on the astronomical task of managing a fast-scaling company.

F&A Next

A yearly impactful event at which corporates, investors and a carefully selected number of the most promising start-ups meet. The connections made at this event have more than once led to new collaborations and accelerated business growth.

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