The aim of the pan-European Smart Specialization Strategy Food (S3Food) Partnership is to set-up a platform and supportive business ecosystem between agri-food clusters and clusters representing technology and/or digital solution providers, relevant RTOs and other stakeholders. The S3Food partnership Smart Sensor 4 Agri Food (SS4AF) specifically aims to lower the barriers for agri-food companies to access and implement the newest smart sensor systems, make them acquainted with and train them in data management and mining, etc. and thus facilitate and enable the Industry 4.0 transition of the agri-food industry.

Foodvalley partner

Foodvalley NL takes part in the S3Food partnership to accelerate the digital transition. In combination with the research organization One Planet, research & development and business communities are connected. The participation in the S3 Food partnership SS4AF will allow us to initiate and collaborate in joint (EU-Funded) projects to stimulate access and implementation of smart sensor systems.

Digital innovation in the agrifood industry


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