Province of Gelderland

As the world rapidly urbanizes, there is increasing pressure on these urban areas to produce enough sustainable and healthy foods. Food security is crucial to economic performance and social wellbeing; solutions are needed that take into account animal welfare, food safety, waste disposal, and habitation, as well as governance, education and a fair society. In the Dutch Province of Gelderland, companies, government and research organizations are working together, providing the right facilities for creating innovations that meet these challenges and make a real difference.


  • The agrifood sector in the Province of Gelderland - with over 15.000 business establishments and over 79.000 jobs - is valued at 3,5 billion euros at least.
  • Forty percent of companies located in the Netherlands, and working on the development of ‘green’ (sustainable), plant-based proteins, are located Gelderland.


The Province of Gelderland, in keeping with the rest of the Netherlands, has a long and respected tradition of trade and collaboration. In the past decades, over 50 research programs and networks have been initiated in Gelderland.

Open innovation

Over the years, an open innovation system has emerged, in which public-private collaborations and bi-lateral partnerships flourish. Companies are sharing facilities, financial resources, knowledge and skills, enabling research that would be impossible for a single organization and creating a recipe for groundbreaking innovations.

Supporting startups

Startup companies are usually very innovative, flexible and focused, but often lack the resources, networks and skills to make the step up to wider markets and larger production volumes. The Province of Gelderland has developed many tools to help startups bring out the best in themselves: from coaching, talent-spotting and training in entrepreneurship, to complete incubation and acceleration programs. Examples include De Groeiversneller and StartLife.

Worldwide food security

Companies and research organizations in the Province of Gelderland are empowered to create the innovations needed to meet global challenges in food security. The transition from animal to plant-based proteins, smart agriculture, food waste reduction and improved animal welfare are key, as are healthy, personalized nutrition and food safety.

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