Food Valley Direct

Looking to consult an expert or outsource research? Need help starting up?

Food Valley Direct finds the right person for you.

Single point of contact
Access to a large global network of businesses, research and education institutes and government bodies.

Become a client
Find the knowledge that’s available to answer your question. Discover where you can find it. And which organizations can help you.

Fast and confidential
Speed and confidentiality are key in business. With over twelve years of experience, we are well aware of that.


What does it cost?

Food Valley Direct is a free service for companies based in the Province of the Gelderland, in the Netherlands and available for Food Valley Society members. Is your organization not located in this province, please find out more about our product Innovation Intelligence.

What sorts of questions can you help me with?
Questions related to agro-food business, e.g.:
– Innovation support
– Technology
– Starting a new company
– Finding a business partner
– Applicable legislation
– Intellectual property rights
– Facility sharing

What happens after I pose my question?
We treat all your information as confidential. We do not share it with anyone else, unless you give us permission. Usually, we contact you to specify your question even further. The Food Valley Direct staff then discusses how best to handle your query.

Who determines which organizations are approached about my question?
You determine who may be approached about your question. You are in control. Our role is to advise you on which organizations are best equipped to help you.

What happens to the information I supply if my question cannot be answered?
Your information has been entered into our database. It remains confidential, will not be used and will not be made available to any third parties.

My question has great competitive value and is therefore highly confidential. How do you ensure this information does not leak when handling my query?
Please alert us when posing your question. We can safeguard your confidential information. You may also put your question anonymously to the knowledge suppliers we suggest. This is entirely up to you.