European Packaging Gallery


The market for food packaging is extensive. Consumers demand smarter, more sustainable and cheaper packaging. Consequently the food industry demands sustainable material with added value such as solutions to build in intelligence in a packaging in order to improve the shelf life and food safety. The packaging manufacturers hold the key to a variety of solutions. To connect those two worlds and to see to which new developments and cooperation this might lead, is the essence of the EPG 2.0. Within EPG companies and knowledge providers cooperate to realize innovation and cooperation, on a national as well as international level.

EPG 2.0 is the sequel of the original EPG project that was developed over the past two years. This sequel has cross-overs to material manufacturers, machine builders, retailers, logistics, smart industry and online shops. Founding partners are DéDutch and Food Valley NL.

The European Packaging Gallery develops, in cooperation with the companies involved, a dedicated program of activities, ranging from design workshops to innovation tours abroad. This website will keep you up to date on the latest activities.


Do you want to participate in the EPG 2.0 project and benefit from the food/packaging network? Please contact us via information form below.



Masterclass Packaging Design: Design your packaging faster, better and more cost efficient, June 30th (in Dutch).