European Food Alliance

Working with the latest technologies and with top experts from all over Europe, testing and launching innovative ideas, products and ingredients at European level. 7 successful agrifood clusters have joined forces in the European Food Alliance. They have a common goal: to provide agrifood companies the best service and network contacts from all over Europe in order to be able to attain to innovation and growth at an accelerated rate.

The European Food Alliance, an initiative of Food Valley NL was launched among the cluster organizations in Europe.

“In recent years we have experienced a considerable increase in the number of questions from companies approaching us through clusters from other European countries. At the same time, we are increasingly being commissioned by Dutch companies to collaborate with other European food clusters. And so intensifying the collaboration and opening up networks to one another feels like a logical step in enhancing the European agrifood world.”

European Food Alliance aims to be the leading collaboration platform in Europe for the agri-food value chain.*
*An agri-food value chain includes all agri-food actors connected by all value creation activities from farm to fork and cradle to cradle.

European Food Alliance (EFA) is a group of leading clusters, that fosters the collaboration of agri-food companies (big and small) and the exchange of their knowledge by connecting competences of businesses and of research centres to solve the grand challenges of today and tomorrow.


  • Lever cooperation between the clusters which are member of EFA for the benefit of their members.
  • Lever cooperation between the actors of the agro-food value chain by means of joint projects and other joint activities to solve the grand challenges of today and tomorrow.