Training Programs

The programs are for professionals as well as new-comers in the food arena.

  • Tailor-made training programs on food innovation
    Update an overview on technology trends: insights into developments in specific domains of expertise relevant for food innovation
  • Inspiration on food innovation process, including site visit(s)



  • What would be the target audience for the trainings programs?
    The target audience would be both new-comers in the food arena with an interest in food innovation as well as more experienced professionals willing to refresh on new trends and topics in food innovation.
  • How long will the training programs be?
    The training programs will generally consist of two day programs on a specific location.
  • What will be the content of the training program?
    Training programs will be tailor-made for the specific target group, e.g. with a focus on health and nutrition or on product characteristics like sensory perception, texture or food safety. Also programs can be devoted to specific market segments or product categories (e.g. dairy, drinks, bakery).
  • Who will be providing the training programs?
    Food Valley NL will compose the training program in cooperation with the contact person of the target group. Food Valley NL will provide a professional moderator for the course. Selected speakers will be invited to provide lectures, a side-visit will be included in the program.
  • Where can I find more on the training courses?
    Please find information on the website or contact the contact person for specific questions.