Innovation Cluster

The Power of Collaboration
More and more businesses and organizations in the Netherlands and abroad are participating in Food Valley NL. They are members of the Food Valley Society, a global business cluster in agro-food, feed and horticultural industries that speaks the language of business. This is where ideas are born, trends are identified and new partnerships are initiated. In the Food Valley Society, innovation is key.

Networking Opportunities
Every year, Food Valley NL organizes and facilitates several networking opportunities in The Netherlands and abroad: from members-only events to network gatherings with international participants seeking knowledge and business partners.

Ample opportunity to generate worldwide, round-the-clock publicity for your expertise and innovations. Food Valley NL helps to attract international media coverage of its members through websites, publications and presentations.

Learning and Sharing
Receive updates about the latest developments and answers to your innovation questions from the best possible knowledge provider. Food Valley NL informs and facilitates its members in sharing and obtaining the knowledge they need.

Who can become a member?
More information about the membership and application form for businesses located in the Netherlands. Businesses that are registered abroad without a subsidiary in the Netherlands can become an international Food Valley Society member. More information about the international membership and application form.