Cluster Development

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Food Valley NL’s strong belief is that a successful, future proof (agro food) sector can only flourish by developing and maintaining the various elements that, as a whole, will guarantee economic success, now and in the future. This typical cluster development approach consists of various tracks:

a. Opportunity assessment: what is the cluster potential?
b. Defining the required hard- and software: the cluster definition
c. Organisational requirements: the cluster management
d. Implementation: training activities, building consortia, etc.

Food Valley NL, being one of the first professional food clusters in the world, has built up tremendous experience in developing and managing a cluster organization. We offer workshops and consultancy to policy makers and cluster managers. Both the workshops and consultancy support are characterized by plentiful hands-on insights, based on own experience in managing a cluster, domain expertise of high-level specialists and knowledge shared with dozens of other cluster organizations.