Innovation Intelligence

In this era of open innovation a wealth of knowledge and solutions is available globally. By unlocking the relevant sources for your company, the speed and effectiveness of your innovation processes will be increased substantially. Over the years, as the trusted guidance and support partner for agrifood companies, Food Valley NL has built up an extraordinary network of knowledge institutes, big and small (including start-up) companies and food clusters that can support you in realizing your objectives.

Food Valley NL offers:

  • Science & Technology trends: fresh insights into developments in specific knowledge and technology domains relevant for your innovations – including scans of research projects and consortia at a national and EU-level
  • Innovation alternatives: identifying alternative solutions which are already on the market or close to launch
  • Expertise and capability maps , upon request including matchmaking activities: identifying key experts, leading institutes and specialized companies relevant to a specific area

Knowledge domain
Our services are available for a wide range of topics. Examples of domains for which these services are available include:

  • Triple low strategies: lowering of sugar, salt or fat content in products
  • Reformulation of foods
  • Circular value and supply chains
  • Opportunities for personalized nutrition
  • Mild food processing technologies
  • Developments in food quality and safety
  • Advanced cultivation and production systems
  • New crop varieties
  • And many more


  • Does Food Valley NL analyse developments and opportunities in the Netherlands only?
    Food Valley NL is based in Wageningen, the Netherlands. Although this is considered to be the geographical heart of one of the most innovative food countries in the world, we certainly have an international scope looking beyond opportunities in the Netherlands. We have a close relationship with all major European food countries and clusters as well as strong partnerships in the US and major Asian countries. Our starting-point is always the need of your company.
  • Why should I not simply pose my question to a university or research institute?
    Universities and research institutes are great bodies of knowledge. However, a possible limitation might be that their focus is not so much on offering insights and alternatives from a multitude of sources – capabilities of other research organizations as well as companies might be lacking.
  • Is Food Valley NL a neutral organisation?
    Food Valley NL is not part of a particular university, research organisation or government. Companies that work with us highly value our independence. Understanding the needs of the companies and subsequently act as their guidance and support organization is what drives us.
  • Does Food Valley NL have the required expertise and skills?
    Food Valley NL has a strong core team with a vast working experience in both the industry and research community. Bridging this gap is one of our core competences. At the same time, the Food Valley NL team continuously collaborates with a group of experienced external experts that share the same values and skills. The unique combination of own staff and external experts enables us to cover a wide range of topics in the agrifood domain.