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On Thursday 17 October, the third international edition of the Foodvalley Summit took place in Wageningen, the Netherlands. During this event over 400 food producers, growers, breeders, scientists and investors from all over the World came together to share solutions, strengthen the connection between meat, fish, dairy and plant-based proteins and to find new business partners. This edition was an initiative from Foodvalley NL in collaboration with Wageningen University & Research, KeyGene and The Protein Cluster.


The Protein Puzzle

Chickpeas, crickets, and chlorella: our future proteins
Stacy Pyett | Wageningen University & Research
Casting a Wider net: The use of plants to help solve the seafood crisis
Chris Kerr | Good Catch (USA)
Introducing our CEO 'Mother Nature'
A company pitch by Brad Vanstone | Plant Based Cheese
Powering up the plant protein value chain
Chris Anderson | Protein Industries Canada (CA)


The Soil for Transition

Pulses: The ‘meat of the poor’?
Ken Giller | Wageningen University & Research
Crop innovation to fuel The Protein Plan(et)
Anker Sørensen | KeyGene
View from a seed company: What crop to focus on
William Pillinger & Ton Wouda | Limagrain Group (UK)


The Best of Both Worlds

Applying the dairy heritage for the development of plant-based foods
Fred van de Velde | NIZO
A different kind of meat
A company pitch by Sander Peltelburg | De Krekerij
The role of animals in the transition towards a more circular and plant-based food system
Evelien de Olde | Wageningen University & Research
From tradition to innovation: SWAP - Silkworm as protein
A company pitch by Fabiola Neitzel & Anjani Nayak | SWAP: Silkworm as Protein
From global to local: What is driving change?
Ruud Tijssens | Agrifirm


Towards the New Normal

Governing shifts in protein consumption: a social practice approach
Michiel de Krom | PBL Netherlands Environmental Assessment Agency
Cutting out the middlehen using natural micro-organisms
A company pitch by Corjan van den Berg | FUMI Ingredients
Affordable functional proteins
Cornelis Mijnders | Dutch DNA Biotech
Making the healthy choice, the easy choice
Emely de Vet | Wageningen University & Research
Saving edible resources one beer at a time
A company pitch by Bo Schipper & Gorbi Logeswaranathan | GrainGain
Plant Protein Dairy: How we think about protein quality
Nicolas Hartmann | VlyFoods (GE)


Moving Up Gears

Accelerating the protein transition with local plant-based fast food
A company pitch by Mathijs Huis in 't Veld | Jack Bean
Protein farming
Laurent Genet | Nutreco
Innogusto’s key success factors for a successful protein transition
A company pitch by Mattèo Piano | Innogusto
Chicken or Egg? Timing the protein transition!
Annemarie Swijtink & Jeroen Dekkers | McDonald's
Protein and sustainable food: The global dimension
Harry Aiking | VU University

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