Foodvalley NL

From its home base in Wageningen, the Netherlands, every day Foodvalley NL works on speeding up the innovation performance of companies, both from the Netherlands and abroad. Our experienced team does so in a way that fits your demands: fast, to-the-point and practical.

Foodvalley NL helps you grow your business connecting you with business partners and (research) facilities. Foodvalley NL is involved in many EU programs stimulating international business development. There are special programs for startups and scaleups.

Foodvalley NL organizes knowledge events, and supports and facilitates cooperation and sharing of knowledge and ideas. Foodvalley NL also organizes events and company visits especially for the Foodvalley Members.

Fields of Innovation:

  1. Protein Shift
  2. Circular Agriculture
  3. Food & Health

Since its establishment in 2004, Foodvalley NL has built up a deep insight into the challenges of the agrifood industry and a vast network of companies and knowledge institutes that can help tackle these challenges effectively.

15 Years Foodvalley NL

In 2019, Foodvalley celebrated its 15th Anniversary. Therefore, they released a movie showcasing key moments: 15 Years of strengthening cooperation between innovative partners, 15 years of stimulating growth entrepreneurship expertise, 15 Years Foodvalley NL.


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