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The Foodvalley team is growing fast. Curious about who our experts are? Read all about them!

“Ensuring that the visibility of Foodvalley is increased and brand awareness is strengthened. This by, among other things, participating in (international) fairs and events, organizing Foodvalley Tours and creating local buzz". That is my ambition as Event manager at Foodvalley NL.

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Miranda van Dijck makes innovation scans. She enjoys identifying new initiatives, innovations and companies in the agrifood sector and carrying out analyses for the benefit of the Foodvalley Members, bringing them in contact with new partners. Before joining Foodvalley NL she worked as a Labeling Consultant. Miranda did her MSc at Maastricht University. She graduated cum laude in Health Food Innovation Management.

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Tjerna Ellenbroek knows everything there is to know about the Foodvalley Members. She can explain why SMEs as well as multinationals should join the network and partner up with other innovative companies and knowledge institutes. Tjerna is also organizing the Foodvalley Member Meetings. Moreover, she is involved in the EU project New Frontiers in Food Fast Forward (NF4), and was a co-host of the Innovation Tour to China. Tjerna holds a MSc in Nutrition and Health.

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Stephanie Gimbrere

When visiting the Foodvalley NL headquarters, you are welcomed by Monique Grefkens. She embodies the Foodvalley NL office and is providing everyone with the appropriate facilities, whether you are a guest or a colleague. She is the person behind the friendly voice when you call the Foodvalley office. Monique is also responsible for management support, human resources and internal affairs within Foodvalley NL.

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"What do you want from your membership of Foodvalley? We always ask this question during the getting-to-know-you meeting with companies looking to join us. If an entrepreneur decides to become a member, I first make sure he is profiled on our website, and then that he can interact with other players in our network.

Members of Foodvalley can also come to me with all kinds of questions, whether they are looking for ingredients, technologies, knowledge, facilities or a location. If I can’t help them myself, I find the best person within our ecosystem. For example, I might connect them with suppliers of special vegetable ingredients or specialists in a new technology.

As project manager, I have a role in organizing the Foodvalley Champions, and I’m the first port of call for people and organizations, from outside the Netherlands, who are interested in joining our ecosystem.

Want to know more about Foodvalley and the benefits of membership? Please contact me."

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Poulien van Marle is taking care of the financial administration. It is her job to deal with the complex and diverse financing flows of Foodvalley NL, including subventions from many Dutch and EU programs and contributions from Foodvalley Members. She is also in charge of the invoices. Poulien completed a bachelor in business economics from a Dutch University of Applied Sciences.

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Kai Pruiksma is Project Manager. Kai holds a MSc Nutrition and Health. For her MSc thesis she did research in Rwanda about environmental determinants of birthweight.

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paula rijkens innovation manager

"There are, already, many circular programmes and projects running in the Netherlands. For me, however, as an innovation manager, the challenge is to create an ecosystem in which not only the leaders, but also every other company, can find its way and place.

To this end, Foodvalley NL is setting up chain projects together with knowledge institutes and the business community that show how to implement circular thinking and practice. We bring parties together and inspire other organizations to do the same. In this way we encourage and accelerate the transition to smart use of raw materials and a more- sustainable food system.

Got your own ideas for a circular project in agrifood? We'd be happy to talk to you."

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Petra Roubos is Manager of Facilities at Foodvalley NL. “From DNA sequencing and X-ray equipment to pilot plants and test kitchens: within the Foodvalley ecosystem, just about every imaginable facility is available for agrifood businesses. For start-ups, purchasing certain equipment is often too expensive, while larger companies prefer not to invest in equipment they need only occasionally. Sharing facilities is an elegant solution. We bring facility supply and demand together. Sharing facilities means sharing knowledge, so I expect our approach to boost agri-food entrepreneurship. Are you looking for equipment or trial locations? Or are your research facilities underused? Let us know!”

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“Creating a world-class ecosystem where innovative agrifood start-ups and scale-ups, all over the world, can find everything they need to be successful. From talent and research facilities to capital, development programs and seamless contact with larger companies. This is my challenge as the manager Entrepreneurship at Foodvalley. Innovation in agrifood is crucial in solving global food problems. The Netherlands is an acknowledged leader in this sector, with top research in Wageningen and companies developing and marketing groundbreaking solutions. The way we encourage entrepreneurship through the Foodvalley ecosystem makes such inventions applicable worldwide and generates an enormous impact.”

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Jolanda Wels heads the Communications team of the Foodvalley ecosystem, that stimulates the cooperation between companies, knowledge and educational institutes and governments. She has long experience in making television programs, and her strength is conceptual thinking. Jolanda develops concepts and is also organizing the Foodvalley booth on (international) trade shows that showcases Dutch innovations and supports international cooperation.

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Jeroen Wouters, PhD, is committed to Global Ecosystem Development. Jeroen provides guidance and support to stimulate innovation and cooperation in food and nutrition, and is the driving force behind projects bringing together Dutch businesses, knowledge providers and governments with their counterparts in Europe and far beyond. Jeroen is also in charge of the Human Capital program which includes attracting and developing talent and career paths. He is an expert on specialized nutrition.

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"Asking questions is not a sign of stupidity, it is stupid not to ask questions. As a communication consultant it is important to keep asking questions. That's the only way to get to the heart of it."

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