Upcycling Community: Make way for the upcycling of food

There are major benefits to be gained from residual flows that are used to a limited extent in food production. By scaling up the use of residual streams for human consumption, we can take a big step towards a circular sustainable food system. But because these residual flows require pioneering work in cooperation with various organisations, an impactful chain transition is not realised.


Brewers' grains are in potential perfectly suitable for use for human consumption due to the high nutritional value. Very occasionally, beer malt is used for this purpose, but most of the time brewers use it for animal feed. Why are we not using brewers' grains on a large scale for human consumption?

Upcycling brewers' grains brings challenges. Industrial parties such as brewers, bakers and food producers have to cooperate and think about issues of safety and quality, changes in business processes and the purchase and sale of the new raw material. It is unknown territory where parties do not know what they offer each other and what is needed. There are various challenges that are top of mind: For example, what processing and preservation techniques should be used? What are requirements of processors to use BSG as a substitute or new ingredient in food? What alternative residues or by-products can be used as animal feed?

Collaboration within the Upcycling Community

To accelerate the transition of upcycling of residual streams towards food, co-creation and rock-solid cooperation are needed. That is why Foodvalley NL is starting an Upcycling Community that will create a safe environment where organisations can develop their ideas together and gain inspiration from each other. With the right support and a mix of cross-sector organisations, we can make a circular impact. Although the Upcycling Community takes a broad view of residual flows from food production, it starts with the residual flow brewer's spent grain. Because it has a huge potential by its volume and application areas.

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Upcycling Community agenda 2022

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Everyone with the right mindset that want to actively contribute to the community can join us. When you apply you will be invited by Foodvalley NL for a conversation on why you want to participate. This way Foodvalley NL can ensure that:

  • Every community partner has the right mindset and background for active involvement.
  • That the right mix of companies / organisations participate.

As a community partner you pay an annual fee based on your type of organisation. Interested in becoming a Upcycling Community Partner?

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Jolijn Zwart- van Kessel, Innovation Lead Circular Agrifood (left)
Caroline Duivenvoorden, Programme Manager, Circular Agrifood (right)

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