About the Upcycling Community

Although awareness for waste stream upcycling is growing, it remains uncharted territory resulting in general uncertainty and lack of commitment on the way forward. Foodvalley NL is currently exploring ways to accelerate the uptake of waste streams in food production. Innovation during a transition can be difficult. Sometimes challenges can be too complicated to tackle on your own. We start a community to create a safe environment where you can partner up on your ideas and find inspiration from each other. Providing the right support and creating a mix of cross-sectoral organisations working on the same topic.


‘You can’t develop a new market on your own.’ - Madeleine Gielens, founder of MaGie Creations and Upcycling Community partner

Receive professional community management..

  • Ensure proper scouting and screening for community partners
  • Organise community sessions
  • Keep you informed on our latest initiatives

..and access to a digital innovation platform

  • Find latest trends, news, insights and events
  • Explore the ecosystem for support like where to find shared facilities, interesting initiatives, interesting partners and funding
  • Engage with personalised community online, share your ideas

What you bring..

  • Positive energy and open mind. Wanting to be at forefront of change.
  • Your thoughts and ideas on how to solve the identified joint challenges together.
  • Time and commitment to actively participate in community meetings, work out ideas for initiatives and give feed back on others initiatives

Upcycling news

How to apply?

Everyone with the right mindset that want to actively contribute to the community. When you apply you will be invited by Foodvalley NL for a conversation on why you want to participate. This way Foodvalley NL can ensure that:

  • Every community partner has the right mindset and background for active involvement.
  • That the right mix of companies / organisations participate.

As a community partner you pay an annual fee based on your type of organisation. Exact fees are being determined. We will inform you this spring on the next steps. Interested in becoming a Upcycling Community Partner?

Contact us 

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