Upcycling Community: Make way for optimal upcycling of agrifood sidestreams

In 2050 the food system needs to offer food security to ten billion people worldwide. Tasty, affordable, healthy, and sustainable food, produced with respect for animals and our planet. We need a circular and sustainable agrifood system that optimally valorize agricultural raw materials, considering Moerman’s ladder and various other relevant environmental and societal trade-offs. Developing more ore circular food concepts and realizing higher volumes of side streams optimally valorized into circular value chains in enormous transition that require pioneering work on cooperation with various organizations.


Opportunities for collaboration within the Upcycling Community

There are already many great technologies in place that result in a higher valorization of agrifood sidestreams. However, the great challenge and opportunity is to transform current systems into new circular supply chains were circular raw materials find their best destinations towards feed or food.

The role of FVNL comes in when new collaborations in the whole food supply chain are needed, and stakeholders are not able to create those coalitions on their own. Challenges such as product quality, safety, consumer acceptance of circular food concepts and the environmental gain or loss of processing side streams into food grade ingredients need a pre-competitive approach. For that reason, Foodvalley NL started The Upcycling Community in May 2022.

The Upcycling Community is an international and closed group of business partners that collaborate on the topic ‘upcycling of food losses’. The community setting creates a safe environment where organizations can share ideas, get inspired on new developments and insights from the market and research. The Upcycling Community exists of business partners who are ambitious about upcycling, come from various parts of the value chain, and vary from scale-up to SME and Corporate organization.

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Questions about the community or do you want to become partner? Get in touch!

Everyone with the right mindset that want to actively contribute to the community can join us. When you apply you will be invited by Foodvalley NL for a conversation on why you want to participate. This way Foodvalley NL can ensure that:

  • Every community partner has the right mindset and background for active involvement.
  • That the right mix of companies / organisations participate.

As a community partner you pay an annual fee based on your type of organisation. Interested in becoming a Upcycling Community Partner?

Questions? Contact us!

Jolijn Zwart- van Kessel, Innovation Lead Circular Agrifood (left)
Caroline Duivenvoorden, Programme Manager, Circular Agrifood (right)

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