Personalised Nutrition Community; Put the consumer in control

This community is here to support a mix of cross-sectoral organisations working on personalised nutrition solutions. Together, we aim to boost business in personalised nutrition. To be able to do that, we need to understand the challenges that are too complicated to tackle on your own. From the community we collect information about target markets, turnover, focus areas and target groups. But also what the current ecosystem challenges are.

We believe that with personalised nutrition we can put consumers in control people of their own health. By using a mainstream wearable that will automatically and continuously measure vitality, food intake and nutritional status to provide personal, relevant and motivating dietary advice they can adopt a healthier eating pattern fitting to their needs. But to bring personalised nutrition to the masses, companies need to create solutions that are desirable for the mass consumer, profitable for the companies, feasible to deliver and with a positive impact on society.

To be able to pave the way for personalised nutrition solutions we have determined three priorites:

  • Encourage and support successful business models bringing personalised nutrition to the masses
  • Create dynamics to boost innovations in science and big data for personalised nutrition
  • Build a connected, supportive and knowledgeable personalised nutrition ecosystem

The personalised nutrition ecosystem is complex, fragmented and not fully engaged and connect yet. For a truly full chain Personalised nutrition proposition, covering the entire customer journey, many complex steps have to be taken which cannot be done by a single player. That is why we need everyone involved to join the community. Let’s shape the future of food together!


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Read the personalised nutrition position paper, written together with 53 partners

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