Why we have to make the healthy choice the easy choice

Consumer behaviour is strongly driven by the products available to them. Products that are cheap, convenient, accessible and tasty are consistently popular amongst consumers. Unfortunately, these products are rarely synonymous with health. Eating environments offer a much larger range of unhealthy products simply due to their commercial appeal. Even when healthy products are available, consumers are less likely to purchase them. A vicious circle that results in high levels of obesity and malnutrition worldwide affecting all socio-economic positions.

To increase overall nutrition and health, change must come both in the products available and consumer behaviour. In addition to increasing overall availability of healthy products in food retail, canteens, etc., producers can create new healthy products or reformulate existing products to make them more nutritious. Digital solutions linked to personalised nutrition is a young and growing field, ensuring that consumers can be in control when it comes to their nutritional choices.

Foodvalley NL takes initiative

With so many opportunities on the horizon, Foodvalley NL is forming a variety of coalitions interested in developing solutions to shape a healthier eating environment for consumers and explore new routes to markets. Together with our partners, we will create a showcase of viable business models. These will be aligned with improving overall health to demonstrate the ecosystem at large that healthy foods are a viable business opportunity, especially when coupled with innovative technological solutions.

Are you interested in making the healthy choice the easy choice? Contact Judith van der Horst or Julie Cortal

New Challenge: Personalised Nutrition for All!

Relevant for: startups and multi-stakeholder groups

Obesity and malnutrition are complex challenges, but by accelerating innovation in personalised nutrition, we can help to create a healthier and more equitable food system. EIT Food, Foodvalley NL and Food Innovation Hub Europe would like you to participate in an exciting new challenge: Personalised Nutrition for All!  The challenge is a call to action to find innovative solutions to reduce obesity and malnutrition in Europe. Six winners will be awarded €30,000 to further develop their solution, opening the possibility for further funding by EIT Food to develop their project and go to market. Winners will be announced on 14 October, in advance of World Food Day.

This challenge is about finding new solutions and tools for monitoring and improving an individual’s health. We welcome proposals that address one or more of the following tracks:

  • How can we help to reduce obesity and malnutrition by making tools more affordable and accessible to a broader community?
  • How can we empower consumers to manage their health?
  • How might we enable a more targeted approach to consumers' health?

Solutions are expected to demonstrate a maturity level consistent with a go to market within a reasonable amount of time not exceeding 2 to 3 years, thus a TRL level of 5 and up.

More information about the judging criteria and how to submit (before 2 September 2022), please visit Challenge: Personalised Nutrition for All.

Food Boost Challenge

Relevant for: students, governments, all types of companies

The Food Boost Challenge is an initiative by Medical Delta Living VIT for Life, HortiHeroes and Foodvalley NL. Along with knowledge institutions, business partners, governments and NGO's, we challenge students to come up with ideas to make healthy eating more appealing. In four stages – from research and ideation through to concept development and prototyping – they give a boost to their own generation’s healthy dietary pattern and of next generations. Participating companies offer support to the most promising ideas the students come up with and, with support of Foodvalley NL, collaborate to scale the concept.

The first Food Boost Challenge was launched in 2021 and focused on creating concepts that stimulate fruit and vegetables consumption in Dutch adolescents by working with the target population. The next edition of Food Boost Challenge: Limburg Healthy Hotspots, initiated by DSM, will be launched in 2022.

Interested in participating in or sponsoring your own Food Boost Challenge? Please contact Judith van der Horst.

Healthy eating environments in sport: 2022 World Volleyball Championship

Relevant for: municipalities / local governments, athletic organisations, catering business

Sport and food have a strong connection. Of course, athletes perform better with a nutritious diet. But at most sporting events, fans are presented an array of unhealthy products high in fat and low in important nutrients. This eating environment can and should be improved to help offer consumers healthier options.

A pilot is being developed for the 2022 World Championship Volleyball in Gelderland, the Netherlands. Using athletes as role models and stocking unconventional, healthier products at concession stands, new routes to market can be tested. If successful, this concept can be scaled to sporting events of all types and sizes to create a new model and stimulate healthy eating by both athletes and fans alike.

Foodvalley NL designs the approach for the pilot and supports organisers in scouting companies with the right kinds of healthy products to appeal to fans.

Do you want to participate or join forces in setting up new initiatives somewhere in the world? Please contact Jeroen Wouters.


Relevant for: entrepreneurs in the critical phase of commercialization and expansion

After the successful 2021 edition with Willicroft, De Nieuwe Melkboer, Grassa and Rival Foods, Invest-NL and Foodvalley NL have decided to broaden the focus in 2022. Companies that are active in the themes protein transition, circular food chain (regenerative agriculture and waste stream valorisation), precision agriculture and personalised nutrition can apply as of today. The Fastlane programme combines customised guidance, personal coaching and a network of world-class experts. Based on an intake, assessment and selection day, five companies will be selected to participate in the second edition. After each company has determined its own objectives for the programme, a customised plan is developed and implemented in six months in close cooperation with various experts. The ultimate goal is to be ready for the next investment round.

Is your company on the verge of exponential growth? Have you acquired your first customers, or are you about to? Is your team both ambitious and divers and driven to impact the foodtransition? Apply now by sending and email containing your slidedeck and ambition to fastlane@invest-nl.nl.

Application closed on the 4th of March and the program starts on the 7th of April 2022.

Prevent and reduce obesity through personalised nutrition by multi-stakeholder initiatives

Relevant for: every organisation developing personalized nutrition tools to prevent obesity

Three initiatives received the Booster award, an incentive for initiatives that support the reduction and prevention of obesity employing personalised nutrition tools. The 2021 winners - Happy Feet on Healthy Food, J.A.App (Juvenile Antiobesity App) and Ready to (h)eat meals tailored to gut, genes and guidelines - convinced the jury of their impact, feasibility and collaborative partnership. The Booster is developed by Foodvalley NL and powered by Food Innovation Hub Europe. Learn more about these initiatives.

The next edition will be launched in May 2022. Stay tuned for more information!


Personalised Nutrition Community

Relevant for: everyone related to the topic that wants active involvement

Personalised nutrition is a young and growing field. With the Personalized Nutrition Community we create a safe environment where partners can connect, share ideas and find inspiration from others engaging in this development area. This community offers a direct exchange with a diverse group of stakeholders representing a variety of cross-sectoral organizations, ranging from food to healthcare and technology to insurance. Together we identify new opportunities to scale for personalised nutrition concepts and products to improve health across the world.

As community manager, Foodvalley NL provides scouting of new community partners to help grow the community and ensures interaction with and between partners through special interest sessions. We also keep you informed on new insights emerging from Foodvalley NL initiatives and seek your input for new initiative ideas.

Do you want more information about the Personalised Nutrition Community? Contact Julie Cortal

Do you want to be a partner of the personalised nutrition community or do you want support the community?
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