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    The submitted initiatives will be scored on the following criteria.


    The impact of the described initiative leads to a significant reduction of obesitas by implementing Personalized Nutrition tools or technology. The initiative provides a positive impact on the people and the planet. The described initiative has the potential to shift people’s values and/or influence political and corporate policies in the field of obesitas prevention, use of personalized nutrition tools or technology.


    The initiative is rooted in local research and the initiative includes experts to ensure that the initiative is feasible at the technical, economic, political and social level.


    The initiative is a joint effort by a variety of partners with different backgrounds or fields of expertise to make your initiative a success. The initiative supports ‘unlikely partnerships’ to support development in the field of reduction of obesitas and personalized nutrition.

    Specific emphasis will be given to initiatives coming from clusters/networks from emerging and moderate innovation regions from Europe:

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    How does your initiative score on each of the relevant criteria?

    Does your initiative come from a cluster/network from emerging and moderate innovation regions from Europe (see also above)?

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