Utrecht Science Park

Utrecht Science Park offers a unique research infrastructure, with a focus on Life Science research. Utrecht Science Park features a broad range of high-quality research facilities.

Technical expertise

Utrecht Science Park offers a unique research infrastructure, which is amongst the best of its kind in Europe. Academics and new and established entrepreneurs have access to a range of public and private investment opportunities. At the location in Utrecht, the focus is on research, education, clinical care
and entrepreneurship.
Various facilities are available in the field of life sciences, from molecule to population; various facilities are available for:
- Molecular research
- Cellular research
- Tissue and organ research
- Organism research (eg. Dutch DNA-Biotech, Exposure Expertise Center, Facilities Department of Farm Animal Health, Westerdijk Fungal Biodiversity Institute)
- Clinical research (eg. Nutritional Clinical Research Unit, Veterinary Microbiological Diagnostic Center)
- Technical services and prototyping
- Production
- Data research
- General services, such as Innovation lab and Institute for Risk Assessment Sciences

Algae / aquatic plants
Independent work/lab/production space for third party
Nutrition, health & metabolism research
Plant-based protein
Targeted nutrition (sports/diet/supplement)
Advanced research: Molecular, Cellular, Tissue and organ, Clinical. Technical Services & prototyping, Production, Data research and General services.
Confidental Infomation