The Green East B.V.

The Green East creates a crossover between entrepreneurs, research, education, government and the region as a whole, so multiple levels of value are created and we can jointly develop the agri- and food business in a sustainable way.

Technical expertise

The Green East has laboratories, cultivation systems, a greenhouse, and open-ground test fields where experimental research can be carried out by start-ups, students and knowledge owners.

Other relevant information

We conduct research within various themes, including those focused on water, protein, light and soil. With results of this experimental research, we want to jointly contribute to changing the linear agri and food process to a circular process. Working together to grow in green development, that's what The Green East stands for.

Algae / aquatic plants
Facility & factory design
Independent work/lab/production space for third party
Other Application
Plant-based protein
Quality certification
Global G.A.P.
Confidental Infomation