Inagro npo

Inagro is an applied research and advising institute active in horticulture and agriculture based in Roeselare, Flanders, Belgium. Specific on the topic of proteins we specialize in the optimization of feed ration, aquaculture (own Recirculating Aquaculture System), screening and cultivations techniques of (new) protein crops (Protein Trial Platform). The focus within the Shared Facility Finder is on insect rearing and breeding (Insect Research Center).

Technical expertise

Inagro mainly focusses on the production of innovative protein sources. As an open knowledge research centre, we can share our technical expertise and knowledge on protein crops and insects. Furthermore, we have a lot of experience and knowledge on the optimization of feed ration for consumption animals (including aquaculture). It is possible to perform individual tailor-made experiments here on insects, plants and aquaculture.

The IRC of Inagro has 6 climate controlled rooms, totalling in 128m². Each room is separately monitored and controlled ( T, RH and CO2). We have the option to store and prepare the feed for the insects and rear and breed them at a pilot scale. Within Inagro as a whole it is possible to perform field trials (e.g. with insect frass), feed trials for aquaculture, etc.

Other relevant information

Which type of insects are you breeding/processing?
Black soldier fly
Algae / aquatic plants
Fruit, vegetables, pulses
Grains, seeds, nuts
Independent work/lab/production space for third party
Plant-based protein
Value creation of by- and side-streams
Bulk (B2B)
Consumer packaging (B2C)
Quality certification
Confidental Infomation