WUR starts research on breeding insects as 'mini-livestock'

Wageningen University & Research (WUR) will start a new research project about how insects can be bred as 'mini-livestock', and can used as animal feed.

The research project 'Insects as sustainable feed for a circular economy: interdisciplinary approach to value chain development' will be funded by the Netherlands Organisation for Scientific Research (NWO). Besides this amount of 3,4 million euros, there will be cofunding from the insect sector.

Project leader of the research project is professor Marcel Dicke from Wageningen University & Research. Apart from WUR many partners are involved, including the University of Groningen, Dutch Food and Safety Authority (NVWA), insect companies, and Rabobank.

Health and welfare

According to WUR, the research project will examine how insects can be bred as a type of 'mini-livestock' to serve as sustainable animal feed in a circular economy. The research group will investigate the topics of health, welfare, and intrinsic value in regard to the production of insects.

They will also measure the health and welfare of poultry that will be fed the insects and will make an assessment of the economic robustness of the new insect sector.

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