Winner of the Food Boost Challenge 2022 announced

The final day of the Food Boost Challenge 2022 was on 25 May 2022. On stage at the World Horti Center, 10 student teams pitched their idea to a packed audience and a professional jury for enticing young people to eat more fruit and vegetables. Team Veggie Smooth emerged as the big winner and will take €5,000 home. An amount that they can use to further develop their concept.

"We disguise fruit and vegetables into tasty and attractive smoothies for secondary school pupils. Veggie Smooth is unique because our smoothies consist of the recommended daily amounts of fruit and vegetables. They also contain fewer sugars than smoothies in the supermarket and are made from vegetables and fruit that would normally go to waste.” Alice and Yasmin from Veggie Smooth explain.

Together with the initiators Medical Delta Living Lab VIT for Life, HortiHeroes, Foodvalley NL, The Hague University of Applied Sciences and the 34 partners involved, the teams worked on their concept in recent months. The teams could submit ideas in various categories: products, hotspots, technology and routes to market. In addition to Veggie Smooth, Power Tower won the public prize. Seasonal Food received the second public prize and Good Food Mood App received an incentive prize.

A healthy future is desperately needed

Why this challenge? Simply because it is desperately needed for a healthy future! Research has shown that 17% of young people are overweight. This age group structurally consumes too few fruit and vegetables, even though they protect against disease.

Why Foodvalley NL supports the Food Boost Challenge

Foodvalley NL wants to increase overall nutrition and health. For this change must come both in the products available and consumer behaviour. That is why Foodvalley NL is forming a variety of coalitions interested in developing solutions to shape a healthier eating environment for consumers and explore new routes to markets. Together with our partners, we will create a showcase of viable business models. These will be aligned with improving overall health to demonstrate the ecosystem at large that healthy foods are a viable business opportunity, especially when coupled with innovative technological solutions.

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