Upcycling spent grain is promising: 165 participants attended global BSG event

Last Tuesday we held our event Brewer's spent grain: moving forward! at our office in Wageningen. 165 participants attended! The goal of the event was to explore the possibilities of upcycling this gigantic global waste stream. A bonus was that participants had the opportunity to schedule appointments with each other via a matching tool. This allows them to explore future collaborations. At this very moment, more than 110 appointments are already scheduled!

Why this event?

It is a waste to use used brewer's grains (BSG) only as animal feed. Or even to throw it away, because it is perfectly suitable for human consumption. The grain left over after the brewing process has a much lower sugar percentage and there is relatively more fiber and protein in the brew. This makes it delicious and healthy. In addition, upcycling of this huge global waste stream contributes to a circular agrifood economy. Foodvalley NL is therefore committed to the large-scale use of used grain for human consumption and to accelerating the transition required for this.

What is the next step?

76% of the participants see added value in a collaboration to upcycle BSG on a large scale. That is why we are happy to introduce our 'Upcycling Community'. Innovation during a transition can be difficult. Sometimes challenges are too complicated to tackle on your own. We are starting this community to create a safe environment where you can work together on your ideas and get inspiration from each other. We do this by providing the right support and by creating a mix of cross-sector organizations working on the same topic. Read more and join our community!

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