Unovis invests in EVOLUTION MEATS

4 Dec 2019


The U.S. investor Unovis Partners, represented in Europe by Kim Odhner has invested in Evolution Meats, a start-up that develops, produces and sells vegan meat substitutes and snack products for customers worldwide.

Ready for the International markets

Kim Odhner: “Unovis’ investment was aimed at helping Evolution Meats establish its factory, improve its product portfolio, and undertake a rebranding. The company is now ready to enter the international market. "

Complete assortment meat substitutes

Evolution Meats (formerly Green Meat Products) was founded in March 2018. The company’s first product, the Doner kebab, is available in the Netherlands in restaurant chains and foodservice  wholesalers. The company has since expanded its portfolio to include gyros, shawarma and a range of satay and sausage products. (for the complete assortment, see

Invest in sustainable behaviour change

Unovis Partners is a global investment firm and manager of New Crop Capital Trust (, an internationally recognized evergreen fund and an early entrant into the rapidly developing alternative animal-free protein space. Unovis’ mission is to transform the global food system by investing in solutions that facilitate sustained behavioural change and reduce dependence on animal protein products.  Post investment, Unovis supports founders by sharing their culinary knowledge, understanding of consumer habits, experience in food manufacturing, and network of industry experts to de-risk investments and build lasting companies. (

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