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Foodvalley Podcast 5 | Hutten

In the fifth episode of this podcast series, Jeroen Willemsen, Innovation Lead for the protein shift at Foodvalley NL, meets Drees Peter van den Bosch in his family house in Lopik. Drees has had a long career in the foodservice industry and is ambitious to contribute to the protein shift in his current role as CEO of Hutten catering. Jeroen and Drees discuss challenges, possibilities and the need for a pro-active government role.

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Drees en Jeroen on…

…the strength of short chains
“It’s easier and faster to work sustainably when the food chain is short and we mostly work with local farmers and partners. It makes it much easier to experiment together and develop a shared view of what our shared future should and can look like.”

…challenges and taxes
“The challenges we face over the next ten years are too big to be able do deal with, without the contribution of lawmakers. Big players, like Hutten, other catering companies and retailers for example, have to direct the consumers more actively towards sustainable alternatives. By presenting them with less choices for example and make the healthier and more sustainable ones more attractive. This requires government policies that help promote healthier choices like lowering the tax on fruit and vegetables.”

…an active government
“It’s inevitable that we’ll move towards a more sustainable agricultural system and we need a healthy perspective for our farmers to continue their businesses. I miss vigor and a sense of urgency with our government. We all know what the future holds and what needs to be done. And it will be a tough and painful process. But the longer we wait, the more it will hurt.”

…the EatLancet menu
“The EatLancet menu is a study that has calculated what it takes to supply the growing world population with an healthy and sustainable diet. At Hutten Catering, we have made this menu the central point to all our operations. Our experience is that if we take the time to develop great recipes and make sure the presentation of our products is excellent, our guests will make the switch to this diet without problems. Within one, maybe two months, everyone will have developed new and healthier habits.”

…a greener deal
“The Green Deal on crops that are high in protein can be a game changer for our industry and we are willing to commit to ambitious goals. We strive to add more value to the food chain than we take from it by 2030, and the Green Deal that Jeroen and Foodvalley NL are working on will help us all move forwards.”

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