“If you do what you always did, you get what you always got”

This week Marjolein Brasz, Managing Director of Foodvalley NL, was interviewed by Regio Foodvalley. They talked about the role of Foodvalley NL and the Shared facility finder.

Marjolein Brasz: "Foodvalley is working with national and international partners on a global ambition: by 2050 there must be tasty, healthy, affordable and sustainable food for ten billion people. To get there, we have to work fast. And pretty fast at that! Regio Foodvalley and Foodvalley NL work quite well together. We are aligned and work regionally, nationally and internationally, often on the same themes.”

Shared facility finder: for big companies and start-ups

The Foodvalley region offers an excellent business climate for innovative businesses. Therefore it is also a living laboratory for innovations. The goal is to be able to test these innovations quickly and scale them up quickly. Marjolein continues: “Foodvalley and Wageningen University & Research developed the Shared facility finder for this purpose. It contains test and innovation facilities that are available to organisations in the innovation ecosystem. This allows them to speed up testing and scaling up their innovations. These facilities are often very expensive. The Shared facility finder makes sharing facilities fast, sustainable, cost effective and it maximises knowledge. Sharing also makes the facilities available to a much wider group. Big companies but also start-ups can use them.

What is needed?

We are not only looking at what is already there, but also at what is needed. How to get the money to invest in them? We did this for example with Region Foodvalley for an MRI in Ede. Not only is that test facility used by several businesses, but you also see that when different parties actually work together, they share knowledge. Unexpected connections are often made. And then it just gets a little bit more exciting and interesting! It is what we need to really make this transition happen. We have to do things differently. If you do what you always did, you get what you always got."
Here you can find how you can use Shared facilities.

Cycle through the region

‘Fiets met ons door de regio’ (Cycle with us through the region) is part of an initiative of Regio Foodvalley. In this weekly series they show beautiful initiatives of projects that show the cooperation on the Strategic Agenda.

Watch the entire interview with Marjolein Brasz

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