The next steps for animal and plant proteins

How to restore the protein balance, towards a sustainable balance in the production and consumption of animal and plant protein? In the second episode of this Foodvalley podcast series, Jeroen Willemsen meets Ronald Lotgerink. Ronald is the CEO of Vion, one of the major companies in meat production in the Netherlands. Together they discuss a balanced protein approach, innovations, marketing, communication and transparency. All the ingredients necessary to make food chains work, from farm to fork.

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Ronald and Jeroen on…

“The protein transition is about restoring a healthy and sustainable protein system. In other words, eating less animal-based foods and more plant-based foods.”

…our souls
“The consumption of meat is part of thousands of years of our history. It is embedded in our soul.”

…the next generation
“The change will come from future generations. Our parents eat meat seven times a week, we eat meat five times a week, but our daughters only eat meat three times a week.”

…next steps
“The impressive growth of the consumption of plant proteins of the last couple of years is steadily slowing down. Therefore, it’s time for a new, next phase in the transition.”

“We no longer appreciate farmers. Farmers are misunderstood. We need to reevaluate them.”

..the future
“I believe cultured meat will be a part of our future food chains.”

…prerequisites for change
“Plant based products need to develop a better taste and texture and the costs need to come down. Otherwise consumers won’t buy them and their behaviour won’t change. In order to achieve this, we need to operate on a larger scale.”

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