New Foodvalley team member

We’re repositioning our organisation and, as part of that, we’re redesigning our Communications department. And we have found a new addition to the Foodvalley NL team: Corinne van Barneveld.

What Corinne adds to the Foodvalley team!

I am an online communications professional who likes to roll up her sleeves, get down to business, coach and encourage colleagues. I love setting up and executing projects that make an organization grow. With my online communication knowledge and experience, I hope to make the mission and vision of Foodvalley even more visible and findable online. In which the customer journey is the starting point.

How Corinne contributes to a sustainable food system at home

I eat consciously, low in carbohydrates and I am a flexitarian. If I eat meat, I make sure it is sustainable. From the food the animal eats, the way the animals are treated to the length of transport. I grow different kinds of sprouts. With our green roof and solar panels, we also hope to contribute to the climate and our health.

What can you wake her up for in the middle of the night

You can wake me up for Sabich, an Israeli pita stuffed with fried egg plants, hard boiled eggs, tomatoes, cucumber, pickles, parsley, humus and tahini sauce. But you can also tempt me with a walk on the beach followed by a delicious Chai Latte at a side walk café.

Welcome to the Foodvalley team

Marjolein Brasz: "Welcome Corinne to the team of like-minded that love to roll up their sleeves and get down to business. 😉 We are all very much looking forward to working with you. Your ample knowledge and experience with online communication will spark the energy and make our work amplify and proliferate."

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