The Food Boost Challenge wins Pim Breebaart Research Award

The Food Boost Challenge (FBC) won a Pim Breebaart Research Award. The prize is an initiative from The Hague University of Applied Sciences to stimulate and appreciate the most innovative research projects. FBC is a new project that stimulates young people to eat more fruit and vegetables. The secret ingredient for success: put the young people themselves on the steering wheel.

Young people in charge
The FBC challenges students to make vegetables and fruits more popular with young adults. The students do their own research on the eating habits of this target group. The participants find various types of solutions: they create a whole new food product, develop a real-life game or a concept for an app. The data, ideas, and solutions the students find, will be linked back to the business community. In this way talent and inspiration are brought to the market. The ultimate goals is of course a successful market launch.

Next editions
It has proven to be a successful concept that can be easily implemented in other places. The second edition of the FBC is being launched in Limburg, a third will be taking place on Curacao and the fourth edition is being prepared.
Are you ready for a challenge? Go to the website for more information.

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