Talent to drive the transition to a sustainable food system, who do you need?

Are you looking to grow your business and searching for new co-workers to build your company? Let's face it, you are not the only one! We know that we need top talents to move the transition to a sustainable food system forward. But what kind of talents and profiles are we talking about? And what triggers them to work in the food system? And moreover, which trends on the labour are we facing? To answer these and more questions, KplusV and Toekomstdoeners conducted a study among both employers and talents.

Top 10 insights from the study

In the (Dutch) reports you can read in detail about the talent profiles, trends, location factors and recommendations. This study with recommendations is the starting point to get started in the Talent and Business Community. These are the top 10 insights of the study:

  • The development of the population in the Netherlands and Europe and the ageing working population will put increasing pressure on the available talent in the upcoming years.
  • The battle for talent is global: There is strong (inter)national competition on specific talent profiles, including in the areas of data science, IT and tech.
  • Increase in interdisciplinarity: Specialised professionals will continue to be needed in the future but are increasingly developing into broad profiles with crossovers to other disciplines
  • Outside-in profiles: there is an increasing need to attract new knowledge and talent from other disciplines. Their expertise for example in the field of data science, IT, high tech or circularity can be usefull.
  • Keeping current employees deployable is of great importance by strengthening the manoeuvrability of existing talent. And let workers continually develop knowledge towards the future (future-fit)
  • The world as your playing field: employers and talent are increasingly looking internationally at recruitment, training and retention of talent. The primary focus is on the required profiles and less on the country of origin. Foodvalley competes with new seekers for talent.
  • Most important talent profiles: Foodtech, data scientist, lab technician/analyst, process engineer, business innovator
  • The most important location factors for talents are their living environment, mobility and housing.
  • Talents experience many interesting employers in Agri&Food . They feel they can really make an impact in this field. Access to and overview of jobs outside FoodTech is limited.
  • Jobseekers (both students and transfer students) do not always know what the career opportunities are in Foodvalley and miss an overview of jobs and interesting employers.

The study was commissioned by Wageningen, Ede, Gelderland and Foodvalley NL.

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