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Sustainable natural colorants and taste and texture ingredients from tomatoes

Tomato has far more to offer than just being a food product and ingredient, according to Lycored. The company provides the food industry with natural colorants, as well as taste and texture enhancers, derived from its own sustainably cultivated tomatoes via a zero-waste process.

“We are continuously pushing the boundaries of what we previously thought possible for our portfolios,” says Massimo Maini, Commercial Manager EAME at Lycored. “The best ideas arise from sharing knowledge and expertise. That’s why we are investing a lot of time and energy into networking and partnerships, and recently joined Foodvalley.”

Sharing knowledge

Lycored will proactively share its technical knowledge and expertise on natural colorants and food ingredients within the Foodvalley ecosystem. “We are eager to start new partnerships, especially with ingredient suppliers and manufacturers in the field of meat alternatives, functional foods, beverages, soups and sauces – leading categories in the food industry, with a wealth of opportunities for natural solutions like ours,” he continues. “Clean label-applications with natural colours and healthy ingredient solutions for sugar and salt reduction are areas where our products shine.”

 Tomato-derived products

Lycored was founded on the idea of using lycopene, a natural and beneficial carotenoid sustainably derived from tomatoes. “Initially focused purely on health and wellness, we came to realize that we could offer a natural solution to a major challenge in the food industry: colorants,” Maini explains. “From that point, our portfolio grew to include taste enhancers and texture fibers.”

Today, Lycored provides a broad range of red, pink, orange, yellow and gold colorants, as well as the tomato-derived taste enhancers SANTE and CTC, and their special Lycofiber product for the creation of authentic vegetable textures. The company operates worldwide and has offices in the US, Israel, Switzerland and Ukraine.

Massimo Maini

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