Suiker Unie wants to operate the specialty factory in Puttershoek, the Netherlands, exclusively on solar energy. The company aims to realize the solar energy park within three years.

CEO Paul Mesters announced that in the Dutch week of the circular economy. “This year we want to complete the research for a solar energy park of 24 hectare, so the powdered sugar for deep fried doughnut balls and pancakes will be produced in a circular way soon.”

CO2 reduction

Suiker Unie already reduced the CO2 emission per kilo of sugar by half since 1990. The company sees the solar energy park as the next ‘green step’. The factory in Puttershoek will not only provide the production facility with energy, but also the residents of the area.

“While other companies switch from coal to natural gas, we are working on the next energy transition; from natural gas to green natural gas and solar energy,” Mesters argues. The research for a solar energy park is one of many sustainability measures of Suiker Unie. The company has the ambition to become the most sustainable sugar producer in Europe.

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