During the recent edition of the annual “Seeds & Chips” in Italy from May 7th-10th approximately 700 people involed in food innovation gathered at the Milano Expo. A broad spectrum was covered in the 4-day event ranging from innovations in food and food products, in agricultural production, in technology, in water management as well as in social innovation projects.

Distuingished speakers such as former Secretary of State of the USA John Kerry as well as Howard Schultz, CEO Starbucks, provided their views and perspective on food innovation.

In collaboration with the Dutch Embassy of The Netherlands in Rome and with the Dutch consulate in Milano, Foodvalley NL participated in the Holland Pavilion as well as in various lectures. In lectures by Jeroen Willemsen and by Jeroen Wouters (PhD) the topics of “Innovation in Green Proteins” and “Innovation in Sports and Nutrition” were covered, respectively.

The Foodvalley NL booth highlighted a wide variety of Dutch food innovations that are covered in www.worldfoodinnovations.com. In the presence of Dutch Minister of Agriculture of The Netherlands, Carola Schouten, the participants, with amongst others innovative companies Seamore and Koppert Cress, of the Pavilion were visited and personally presented.
The Seeds&Chips has brought together a world-wide adience of actors in the food innovation arena, of which it was highly worthwhile to share the high-end knowledge and technology available in The Netherlands.
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