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AgroCares, Solynta, Pectcof and MilkWays are among the startup companies from the Netherlands that show their innovations in March at technology and investment summits in the US. These Dutch  Startup champions supported by startup accelerator StartLife are excellent examples of what is described by National Geographic as ‘the tiny country that feeds the world’.

Pectcof developed the technology to transform the industrial side stream of coffee pulp biomass into high valuable bio compounds such as food ingredients. The coffee cherry biomass (skin and flesh) is used as raw material, and with the use of their patented extraction process Pectof transforms the biomass into valuable compounds. The first product launch will be Dutch Gum. This food ingredient has shown to be substantially more effective in stabilizing emulsions for beverages compared to gum arabic. Pectcof will present their technology at the Future Food-Tech Summit.


In 2017, National Geographic dedicated a story on the Netherlands as an ‘agricultural giant’. The headline said: ‘This tiny country feeds the world.’ According to the magazine, the Netherlands show what the future of farming and food could look like.

The Netherlands are the second-largest exporter of food and agricultural products in the world. Thanks to the mild climate, but primarily thanks to the high tech agfood ecosystem, called Foodvalley. Companies collaborate with knowledge providers, educational institutions and governments to accelerate innovation, which continuously results in world class innovative agricultural and food-related solutions.

An example of cooperation in the ecosystem is the collaboration between Foodvalley NL, StartLife and Wageningen University & Research to enable 11 startup companies to show their high tech innovations at the World Agri-Tech Innovation Summit and the Future Food-Tech in San Francisco. It provides these startups with the opportunity to meet investors and business partners enabling them to grow and bring their solutions to markets worldwide.

At the World Agri-Tech Innovation Summit | booth 5

Solynta is a breeding and biotechnology company which develops and applies new breeding technologies to convert potatoes into a hybrid crop, with potential to unlock billions of dollars in farmgate revenue. New potato varieties offer better characteristics for consumers, processors and farmers while having lower environmental impact.

AgroCares is a global Agtech company that delivers cutting edge data solutions to measure nutrients and other key parameters in soil (SoilCares), in feed (FeedCares) and in leaf (LeafCares), which ultimately lead to sustainable yield and production increase.

AgOS is a platform which leverages Supply Chain Finance and Blockchain technology to facilitate novel approaches to managing and financing food supply chains. The platform allows users to reduce costs, mitigate risks and promote transparency and value creation throughout the chain.

Serket is a software company that helps farmers to monitor and trace their livestock individually and automatically. It uses a readily-available technology also used in other industries to monitor animal health and food safety concerns such as overuse of antibiotics and high mortality rate.

EagleSensing is specialized in aerial data acquisition and analysis through machine learning. The company has developed proprietary software to extract actionable intelligence from aerial photographs and GPS data. The products not only assist in precision agriculture but are used in a range of industries.

Connecterra has built an Artificial Intelligence named Ida, a farmers’ assistant that runs a dairy farm 30% more efficiently than a human farmer. Ida learns the behaviour of farmers and dairy cows while providing guidance on how to run a better farm.

Abel Sensors has developed sensors to measure the filling level in silos using radar or ultrasonic technology. Each sensor has a low-power internet connection that makes it possible to view the data directly from every location. This adds extra efficiency in production, logistics and on the farm itself. The sensor module is resistant to all weather conditions and other external influences.

At the Future Food-Tech | booth 2

MilkWays has developed a cutting edge technology for intercontinental transport of large volumes of fresh milk. Pure fresh milk can be preserved up to 45 days without any deviation of taste. MilkWays is already discussing the solution with parties in China, SE Asia and the Middle East.

Kipster builds animal and environmentally friendly poultry farms. The revolutionary farms are designed around the instincts and needs of the chickens. The farms are energy positive and the eggs are the word’s first carbon neutral farm eggs.

NutriLeads develops crop-derived food ingredients with clinically proven health benefits for specific patient and consumer groups. The most advanced ingredient, Xtramune™, is a unique proprietary carrot-derived fiber that supports immune function and increases resistance to respiratory infections.

Plant Meat Makers develops plant based meat analogues with the novel shear cell technology. With the technology, meat analogues with a remarkable texture can be created in large, thick pieces mimicking whole muscle meats. The meat analogues are customizable in terms of color and flavor resulting in a tasty, nutritious and sustainable alternative for meat.


The events take place on four consecutive days in the Hilton Union Square in San Francisco. Meet the Dutch startups, StartLife, Foodvalley NL and Wageningen University & Research in, on both events, booth 1.


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