Slow Food Youth Network and your challenges

Are you working on the transition of our food system? And are you looking for fresh and positive ideas from future food changers? Join the Slow Food Youth Network (SFYN) Academy and let SFYN's community work for you!

What is the Slow Food Youth Network and what can they do for you?

SFYN is a network for young people who are committed to healthy, sustainable and fair food for all. They think outside the existing structures and well-trodden paths. When your organisation participates in the Slow Food Youth Academy you benefit from their way of thinking! Especially when it comes to 'wicked problems', it's refreshing to get ideas from future food changers, who stand just outside your organisation. The SFYN Academy is a versatile and interactive learning programme for curious young people with a passion for food. Through lectures, excursions and workshops, they immerse themselves in chains and systems.

What is participation in the SFYN Academy?

As an organisation, you can submit a case to the SFYN Academy. From January till June, , a group of participants works on your practical problem. The group use innovative ways to find a solution to this practical food issue.

Foodvalley NL as partner of SFYN

Foodvalley Nl is involved as a partner in the Slow Food Youth Academy. Huiberdien Sweeris, Foodvalley NL: "By connecting the SFYN Academy with our ecosystem of innovative organisations, we expect innovative ideas and solutions for issues in the field of Food & Health, Circular Agrifood and Protein Shift. Together we bring a sustainable food system one step closer. And we are helping the food leaders of the future to find their passion. A great win-win!"

Talent as Innovation Support

This collaboration is part of the approach in the Innovation Support area of Foodvalley, Talent. Together with organisations from our network, we work towards rejuvenating, strengthening and diversifying the pool of professionals working in our ecosystem. By being a partner of SFYN, we are taking the first step towards involving young people in issues relating to the transition of the food system. Would you like more information? Please contact Huiberdien Sweeris.


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