Schouten Europe launched Dutch food production system Tempeh Today in India

On 25 February 2021 in Bangalore, India, Schouten Europe realized its long-cherished dream: the launch of an innovative way to produce food in a sustainable and healthy way: Tempeh Today. Protein-rich tempeh is locally produced in high-tech Small Fermentation Units (SFUs). This Dutch innovation makes a future-proof contribution to reducing the protein deficit amongst the Indian population. Tempeh Today’s aim is to implement at least 100 SFUs over the next five years in this rapidly growing region.

How Foodvalley NL supported Schouten to realize its Indian dream

Over the past five years Foodvalley NL supported Schouten Europe and connected them with financiers and gave them the exposure needed to get the attention locally as well as in India. In October 2020 Schouten was one of the Foodvalley Champion 2020 Protein Shift nominees acknowledged for their efforts and global plant protein impact they created.


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