Global consensus on business definition personalised nutrition

We proudly present you the publication of our Personalised nutrition position paper! With no less than 53 stakeholders, Foodvalley NL wrote this paper to create a business definition and give insights into profitable business models. Personalised nutrition holds tremendous potential to improve human health. Despite exponential growth, the field had yet to be clearly delineated and a consensus definition of the term "personalised nutrition" had not been developed until now. From data and IT infrastructure to the minimally needed science and legal framework, it covers all grounds as well the challenges related to health and sustainability.  

Consumers in the driver’s seat 

Personalised nutrition is a young and growing field. It is founded in biological science and now matured into a more holistic concept of ensuring that consumers can be in the driver’s seat when it comes to their nutritional choices. In that respect, personalised nutrition is embedded in the whole food system, with all of its challenges related to health and sustainability. In the position paper a future is envisaged in which personalised nutrition will, on the one hand, consist of niches where very specialised players interact one-on-one with their wellinformed clients, as is the case in existing business models. On the other hand, larger consortia will build dynamic digital platforms where the mass market consumers can find the information and motivation that fits their momentary personal goals.  

Conclusions on the future of personalised nutrition 

We believe the bulk of personalised nutrition growth will be in the segment of dynamic digital platforms where the mass market consumers can find information and motivation that fits their personal goals. Niche market with specialised players interacting one-on-one with well-informed clients will stay to exist. To realise the forecasted future growth, joint and multidisciplinary innovation is needed. This requires structured and demand-driven investments, both from public and private sources. Also policy and legislation to support this growing field, as well as educating the personalised nutrition professionals of the future are crucial. 

What is next? 

Personalisation is the veritable gold standard for many specialised nutrition brands and for good reason. Foodvalley’s Food & Health innovation lead, Judith van der Horst will further develop and strengthen the personalised nutrition ecosystem. “We do so by building a personalised nutrition community and guide parties on direction, process, content and pace. We set the agenda, develop programs, challenges, support and connect parties in the personalised nutrition ecosystem.”  We invite you to join our personalised nutrition community and show your support for this position paper. Together, all stakeholders will make a positive difference in the way we offer and buy (information about) food. 

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