Companies in the Food Industry can apply for the 2018 Protein Awards. Award entrees can be made until 5 October.

There are 2 types of 2018 Protein Awards : the Bridge2Food Protein Awards for Industry, and the Village by CA Plant-Based Protein Innovation Awards for Start-Ups.

The Bridge2Food Protein Awards for Industry are designed to promote and celebrate industry innovation in all sectors, applications and foods related to both animal and plant-based innovations.

On the other hand, the Village by CA Plant-based Protein Innovation Awards for Start-Ups will reward promising young entrepreneurs who are breaking new ground in the highly strategic field of plant-based proteins, and help them boost their company development thanks to the Village by CA North of France and its partners’ support.

Award Entries can be made until 5 October.

11th Protein Summit
The Awards ceremony will be held on 25 October during the 11th Protein Summit 2018. The Protein Summit will be held from 24 to 26 October 2018 in Lille in France.

The 11th Protein Summit is a 5-in-1 Industry Summit and Exhibition for business, marketing, innovation, development and research leaders. The event contains the comprehensive summits, ‘Protein 2030 Summit’, ‘Plant-Based Foods Summit’, ‘High Protein Dairy Foods Summit’, ‘Protein Ingredients Summit’ and ‘Protein Processing Summit’.


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