Professional in agri-food; Give your opinion in a short online panel discussion

How would you like to live and work in Ede-Wageningen?

Do you live, study or work in the Ede/Wageningen area? Or are you considering it? And is your field of work agro, food and/or tech? Then we would like to hear your opinion in an online panel discussion.

What do you consider an attractive living and working environment?

Foodvalley NL, together with the municipality of Ede, Wageningen and the province of Gelderland, wants to make this region a more attractive place to live and work. Specifically for people who study and work in the (agri)-food sector.
Previous research has shown that the region needs many professionals who can contribute to innovations in agri-food and want to work on the transition to a sustainable food system.

So what is an attractive living and working environment for you? Give your opinion during one of the online panel discussions. Your contribution has a major influence on the investments that are made in the short and long term. For example, in the housing market, accessibility, a more diverse range of stores or more culture. You name it!

Dates online panel discussions

Easy from home, no travel time. Choose the date with the criteria you meet.

  • Students: July 8, 10-12 am
  • Young professionals (<30), July 14, 10-12 am
  • Medior professionals (31-40 years old), July 19, 10-12 am
  • Senior professionals (>40), July 22, 10-12 am
  • International professionals July 12, 10 a.m. to 12 pm
  • Entrepreneurs, July 26, 10-12 am

How to apply

Of course it is nice if your opinion really counts and you might reap the benefits of this later on in your life. The research bureau also gives € 10 to each participant as a thank you for their time. Together we make this region grow and prosper, so sign up!

Apply now and KplusV, the research agency, will contact you.

Also on behalf of KplusV,
Huiberdien Sweeris, Lead Talent, Foodvalley NL

Take part in an online panel discussion

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