Podcast Protein Farmers of the Netherlands: 'Eat more homegrown plant proteins'

Never before have we come so close to the protein transition. In other words, less animal protein and more plant protein on your plate. More and more initiatives and companies are initiated, the Dutch Protein Shift Ecosystem is expanding rapidly.  Like the vegan start-up Freggies, De Nieuwe Melkboer and The Protein Brewery - Innogusto. In the past two years, the market with plant-based variations on meat, dairy and fish grew by 50% in Europe. With a market value of roughly four billion euros(!). A niche market has long since ceased to exist. Today, the protein transition is big business.

Although all the ingredients for a change seem present, consumers and politicians need to raise the bar and set new ambitions, according to Jeroen Willemsen, Innovation Lead Protein Shift of Foodvalley NL.

Why? That question is answered in the podcast of 'Protein farmers of the Netherlands'. For this purpose, protein farmers André Jurrius from LekkerLupine, Bart Grobben from De Nieuwe Melkboer, Henk Kerkers from Bijzonder Brabants and Jeroen Willemsen, our Innovation Lead Protein Shift from Foodvalley NL were interviewed. Listen now.

Appreciate our protein farmers

The Protein Farmers of the Netherlands is an initiative of Foodvalley NL, the Taskforce Korte Keten and grower Andre Jurrius of Ekoboerderij de Lingehof. Their message? Homeground plant protein-products and their growers deserve more appreciation. Because plant-based proteins are healthy, good for our planet and they stimulate the economy. And to politicians: appreciate our protein farmers and stimulate their agriculture with financial support. "For example, when testing new varieties, scaling up cultivation and increasing yields."

A long-term vision is essential for this, according to Willemsen. "Farmers think in terms of cultivation and harvest years. 2030 sounds far away, but for the farmer it is 'only' 8 sowing and harvesting years away. Let's hope there will be a minister of agriculture who understands this very well."

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